Starting in the Middle

I couldn’t start this site until I settled on a name for the boat, and I couldn’t do that until I’d met the boat and bought the boat. So now I find myself already in the middle of the journey. Much has already happened, and much–hopefully the best–lies ahead. Later, I hope to add my notes about how I got this far. And, of course, a record of what happens from here on out.

After a protracted wait for the Miskatonic to be returned from the hard to the water for the sea trial, and then another wait for weather conditions for the sea trial, the finish line lurches into view. I signed off on the surveys and the sea trial, and made final acceptance, yesterday. The paperwork can now go forward, and soon I will have a captain’s letter in hand, to be followed in a few weeks by the title and the USCG documentation. This Monday, rigger’s schedule permitting, some rigging issues will be attended to and the rig tuned. She will be hauled in a couple of weeks for bottom paint and topsides paint. At some point the mast needs to be pulled to replace the coax for the VHF antenna. Then back into the water and it’s time to move aboard.

The sea trial was short but satisfactory. As much as I want to see how she sails in a good wind, I was even more interested to see how she does in light airs, given all the naysayers who insist that a WS 32 won’t begin to move without 10 knots of wind. Just not true. She was doing 2-3 knots in 5-6 knots of wind, with no attention to sails or trim. I’m confident she will be just fine (for me) as I go through the sail inventory and get to know her better.

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