Back in the Water, with New Paint

Paint’s dry! And a new prop anode installed, and new vinyl lettering. I got a lesson in properly installing a prop anode from Alberto, the boatyard owner, so it will probably last twice as long as it would have. And Tom, from La Paz Yachts, volunteered to come along on Saturday morning and gave me a great lesson in low-speed, close-quarters boat maneuvering. Thank you, Tom!

Yesterday and today were kind of crazy, but the end result is that she’s in her slip at the marina, sportin’ a gorgeous paint job and just generally looking happy to be wet again. I’d be spending the night there tonight if I’d remembered to ask for a dock key yesterday.

Now, it’s time for me to go through all the documentation left by the previous owners and hook up the shore power as well as the extra solar panels. Because the extra solar panels are on my bed and they won’t fit anywhere else.

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